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Webspace dedicated to the American community resident in Dardago, Budoia, Santa Lucia ... In this space you will find information and photos of the events of the Italian community which also involve our American friends living in our municipality ; here you can also post pictures and information in English about life and events of US community, such as photos of parties, births, weddings and any other celebration in family or in community. The idea is to create a sort of webcam for your families in America, so that they can follow the life of their loved ones in Italy, and knowing a little more of italian traditions, environment, history and italian life style. Please send your articles and photos to
Good job - Mission accomplished
Dardago - Saturday 19th
Italian/American team working on the Ruial de San Tomè
Last Saturday 19th has been really a good day for all American and Italian volunteers working on the Ruial de San Tomè. All together we were more than 50 people intensively working there: one team with shovels and brushes cleaning the canal from moss; a second one removing old branches from the path along the Ruial; some strong guys transporting soil and fixing the stones with concrete...Val de Croda valley was like a construction yard!
Perfect also the weather : mild and sunny !
We did really a great job...there is still a lot to do to bring this historical canal to its original structure, but we are very proud and satisfied of our work done so far.
After the hard work, we moved to Dardago where we all enjoyed the excellent typical "slowfood" prepared by our friends of the restaurants in the Valde Croda valley (Chalet Belvedere - Rifugio - Pizzeria Ciastelat), and the extraordinary cheeses and salami of Bar Bianco Latteria Budoia; we ended our "pranzo" with the delicious typical american cakes prepared by our american friends, and home made tiramisù and strudel.
Our priest don Maurizio, and our mayor, Roberto De Marchi, spent words of welcome to our american friends, and appreciation for the work done by all volunteers for the community.
Grazie di cuore a tutti i volontari...!!! Thanks, many thanks to everybody, guys!!! and let's meet again soon !!!
The pictures of Panevin Dardago 2014...